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8 true crime cases that were solved with genetic genealogy

Forensic genetic genealogy is a fairly new technique in the area of crime investigation. It is used to identify unknown suspects or victims in criminal cases. Everyone can find out their own DNA-profile, by using a commercial DNA platform, like ancestry.com. A DNA-database, such as GEDmatch, uses these DNA-profiles in their database. GEDmatch is accessible…

A predator in Texas; serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff

Born in 1946, in Rosebud, Texas. Kenneth Allen McDuff was the fifth of six children. His mother Addie was known to be fiercely protective of her children, earning her the nickname of ‘Pistol-packing Mama McDuff’. She had threatened a schoolbus driver with a gun, after McDuff’s brother Lonnie had been forced to leave the schoolbus.…

The Unsolved Case of the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders

Friday, December 6th 1991. Shortly before midnight, a police officer patrolling sees a fire in a ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt’ shop in Austin, Texas. He calls it in and the fire department is sent out to extinguish the fire. But… after the fire is under control, fire fighters find the nude bodies of 4…

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